Riccos Kaffebar

Direct & Local

Our dream is to make a company which will be based on good relationships - both with our clients and coffee farmers. We wanted to make a cup of coffee more than just a single experience, but an experience that can change everything.

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riccos kaffebar direct and local carity

Local Charity

As a local cafe, we want to make a difference for our friends who are in a tough place in our community.

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Coffee Farms

We want to ensure the best quality of coffee and the best partnerships with our coffee farmers around the world.

riccos kaffebar direct and local communities

Changing Communities

Either local or international, we believe that our coffee can change comnunities for the better.

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Farm To Cup | Direct Trade

To ensure that the coffee you paid for, gave the coffee farmers and workers their fair share of the profit. By direct trade we change the lives for the coffee workers one step at a time. Instead of using FairTrade to ensure a small help for a lot of different farmers, we ensure a big difference for our partners, their families and their local communities.


Riccos Kaffebar is dedicated to our community and making a difference in our local community. That’s why Riccos Kaffebar has partnered with the Blue Cross with their Project Grace. Grace is a cafe for Copenhagen’s Homeless with a special focus for them, who have come to Denmark in hope of a better life. We find 100s of homeless people here in Copenhagen. And the Blue Cross wishes to create a safe space for all these people.

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Environmental Footprint

In Riccos Kaffebar we care about every step of our coffee that is why our cups are environmentally friendly, which means no chemicals. Our print materials are made of recycled paper with vegetable-based ink and our cleaning products are 100% toxin free.